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Image by Mel Poole

Having a solid consumer-led brand strategy is the critical foundation to the success of any brand. We will compile a comprehensive fact base including the brand’s performance, its competitors’ performance and the brand's socio-economic context to articulate the brand's challenge(s) and required actions across customer experience, marketing communications and commercial performance.


Brand Experience Optimisation

A brand's customer experience is made up of all the interactions a consumer has with a product, service or organisation throughout the customer journey. We can map your customer journey, identify touchpoints that need to be optimised and develop and implement insights-driven experiences that will drive overall brand performance.

A brand's service experience is a key driver of brand love and overall brand performance. We have extensive experience in designing differentiated service experiences and creating the support system behind them to ensure the programme's long-term success including standard operating procedures, training and engagement programmes, measurement and the sustainment strategy. 

At the Coffee Shop

When developing F&B concepts, it is important to think about the experience holistically. The menu items, quality and delivery of the  F&B are critical, but it is just as important to create the right ambience with inspiring design, service, communications and the right tone of voice. We can design a holistic F&B experience for you supported by the relevant implementation tools across menu design, people, processes, pricing, communications and training to ensure the concept's ongoing success. 


The look and feel of a space is important, but design on its own will not drive performance. Brands need to seemlessly integrate all the different aspects of the experience such as food & beverage, service, communications, tone of voice and technology to create a profitable space that consumers love. We have worked on many spatial experience projects including co-working spaces, lobbies and guest rooms and have the know-how to bring all the different elements of the experience together successfully. Our skills and experience in this space lend themselves perfectly to office experience design as well.

Image by JK Park

Brand challenges come in different shapes and sizes, but one thing all brands have in common is that they need to continuously innovate to stay relevant. This is where holistic customer experience design and brand transformation programmes come in. We will review and evolve your brand's proposition, overhaul the customer experience and develop a new creative brand platform to meet changing consumer needs and maximise your brand's commercial performance. 

Brand experiences need to deliver against consumer insights, but they must also be commercially and operationally viable. We can help you develop a cross-functional commercial strategy that activates all of your business' commercial levers across Sales, Marketing, Revenue, F&B teams, etc. To support the implementation of the commercial strategy, we can develop toolkits, training and other support materials.


When designing a new brand experience it is important to think about how you are going to roll it out at scale and ensure its sustained success. Brand standards, measurement and the whole support system behind it must be robust so brand experiences are implemented in line with expectations and delivering the desired results. We can deliver a framework outlining all the different elements that are required for the successful roll-out of a brand experience and we can produce the standards, tools and systems for you as well.

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